Tips and tricks to stay on top of personal finances

First and foremost, you don’t need to be broke or live paycheck to paycheck to be thinking about improving your personal finance management. In fact, all the world’s wealthiest people admit that this is an area of limitless possibilities to grow and develop. Here are some of the tips that help to get more organized with your money

Start saving money no matter where you are at right now

As the Rich Dad said: «Pay yourself first». If you do not have your own business to invest in, start putting some money aside for your savings and future investment. Find out what is the amount of money you can save every month without facing the need to touch your savings account in the end of the month. You can use fixed-term deposits not to be tempted to lay your hands on the money you have saved before the end of the interest period. The main point is: do not wait for the end of the month to be able to put something aside. Do it right after getting paid – this way you will be able to control your spending while having already having hit your savings goal.

Create a separate spending account

There are many sources that recommend you to spread your funds between several different buckets e. g. savings, long-term investment, groceries, travelling, education and other expenses accounts. In real-life situation, not many of us have the will to spend much time dividing the money between all those separate accounts. However, just having two or three different piles can already make things much better. As it was mentioned earlier – you can keep your savings in one place, then have another account to take care of all the loans, car payments, utility bills and other regular expenses and finally, have an account for your day-to-day “needs and wants”.

Remember that money has ruined many friendships

Even if you plan everything with a lot of care, there are still situations where you need a bigger amount of money than you have at your disposal at that very moment. It happens more often if you have some important projects going on in your life, such as moving to a new place, remodeling the house or waiting for an addition to your family. In this situation many people tend to go to their friends to borrow the money. You have to remember that in some cases the expenses can turn bigger than you expected and you might not be able to return the funds to your friend within the agreed timeframe. Although the borrower might forgive you, there will still be a negative impact on your relationship. In such situation it is sometimes easier to one of the California quick cash providers.

If you follow the steps that we described earlier you might never have to borrow any money to get through the financial difficulties. Keep your money management in a fit shape and enjoy the life with a feeling of security.


How to get money fast

Life (or fate) like putting difficulties on our way. It may happen that yesterday you were a successful and wealthy person absolutely confident about future, but today you are on the chopping block. What’s more, you have to pay bills as well as that absolutely unnecessary parking fine.

Sometimes the situation may be not so dramatic – let’s imagine, you just lack few hundreds for something and look for the ways to get this money. Our tips will definitely be useful for everyone who is seeking for a small amount of money.

Sell, sell and sell

Garage sales, fairs, pawn shops, online trading platforms like eBay or Allegro – there are plenty of ways to get rid of the things you do not need and get some money. You will not earn much, of course, but you can make up to few hundred dollars selling your old bicycle, boxing gloves or DVD collections. There are many enthusiasts all around the world who are ready to pay for the things we’d like to throw away and forget about.


Change trash for money

School kids often collect empty bottles, cans and paper – these consist of recyclable materials and can be brought to special recycling centers. Depending on the country and the state (when it comes to the USA) one can get from $0.05 to $0.15 per bottle/can and from $30 to $80 per 1 ton of waste paper. Not that much, frankly speaking, but at least something!

Anyway, you can now take a look at piles of old newspapers and magazines you collect and think what you need more – paper dust or some money?


Uber, Taxify, Didi and other taxi aggregators provide drivers an excellent way to earn. Even picking someone up on the way home you can get up to $15 extra money without changing the route – just take orders to your direction, and that’s it.

What’s more, if you lost your job and cannot find anything right now working in such a taxi service can become the primary source of income, at least for a while. There are people capable of arranging their driving work properly – such guys earn up to $200 daily and never complain on hard life.

Odd jobs

Filling out surveys, clicking ads in online apps on Android or iOS, walking dogs, babysitting and many, many more – all these odd jobs can bring you some money, but only if you are a patient person. Ability to work with people and hear them is another important thing here. Anyway, all those alternative ways of getting money fast are not that effective, unfortunately.

Fast loan

Finally, you can apply for a quick cash loan in Louisiana and get it in no time. You will not have to wait for any background check, credit history check or anything else. Just specify the amount and get your money. The only thing to consider is about high fees for payment delay. The interest rate is quite high as well, but it is acceptable if you repay timely. Just don’t be late, and you will not overpay much!


How to survive in financial turbulence

Surprised a good when they are made for your birthday. We love unexpected gifts, but we hate unexpected events especially if serious expenses are involved. It’s possible to miss a last-minute travel tour or party ticket, but it’s hardly possible to avoid paying for medical services or urgent engine repair for your car.

Is it an emergency?

A broken TV set is something different from a broken leg, isn’t it? You can live with a broken plasma panel or even with broken Playstation, but it would be a challenge to lead a normal life with a broken leg.

So the first thing to do in any stress situation is to step back and take a new look at what is going on. Answer yourself if it is really urgent and if it is really important at the moment? We bet in 50% cases you will agree that it is not that important, really. But if you still consider the situation as emergency, then as yourself…

Can I pay now?

This is the main question when the situation is really tough. People living in Western countries do some saving during their whole life – it’s like an instinct, a wisdom learned on mother’s knees. The amount of money saved monthly varies, however after a couple of year each of us has something on the saving account.

Check the balance, then calculate if you will survive the rest of the time before your paycheck. Finally, you were saving money exactly for such a “surprise”, right?

Not enough money

Sometimes we have to deal with terrible and brutal things requiring huge amounts of money to be paid right away. The fastest solution is to opt for Wisconsin payday advance as a fast cash loan does not require any bureaucracy and long waiting.

You will receive the money the same day you apply. Please be aware of higher interest rates – fast loans are not bank loans! You get the money immediately, but you are expected to pay back on time otherwise you will have a huge debt in the end.

Bank loans are not a good solution as one has to wait for the application to be considered. Sometimes it may take up to a week or even more. Would you wait for so long in case of real urgency?

Temporary fix

If the expenses are connected to something essential that go broken (a car engine, let’s say, or the only laptop you use for work) then a good idea would be to use a temporary fix. This tip is OK if you will be able to pay for the repair from the next salary, of course. Sometimes the cost of repair is few times higher than annual earnings.

Preventive measures are always better. We cannot save ourselves from everything, but we can make any problems easier. The best solution is to avoid overspending and to approach the issue of saving responsibly. Save more today and you will not have to take a huge loan tomorrow.


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